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Over the past 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different global organizations, providing strategic consult and communications leadership for traditional internal communications programs, employee engagement initiatives, crisis management, and corporate brand development.  When it comes to the discipline of corporate communications - you name it - I’ve done it!
Lori Janosko, CCMP
Managing Principal

In recent years, my practice and my focus has shifted significantly.  Now, more than ever, my clients come to me with a real need for Organizational Change Management (OCM) methodology to better enable large transformation projects and technology implementations. Intellectually, organizations know they need to get better at managing the massive amount of change that’s become part of operating in a global economy.  At the same time, they often really struggle to make OCM part of the culture, which requires them to find the time and resources to focus on all the activities required to move people up the change curve.


At Vision Communications, we fill that gap.  We listen to your needs and take appropriate steps to introduce customized timelines and programs that work for you and your organization.  This work can include teaching leaders the process for managing change, assessing organizational readiness, performing stakeholder analysis and management, developing comprehensive communications and engagement plans, and providing training oversight to ensure a high level of adoption and confidence about the change.

Casual Business Meeting

My Network

I have relationships with a network of trusted consultants who share my passion and expertise for leading people through organizational change.  Certified in a variety of methodologies, we combine proven strategies with a commonsense approach to seamlessly integrate important OCM activities with your project implementation plans.  


We are knowledgeable and sensitive to organizational intricacies that can make or break a project and work hard to integrate with your project team and executive sponsors to provide direction, leadership, and one-on-one consultation that helps you get the results you want.

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